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Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

By Greg Allen

Heritage Theatre Company

August 25, 2017

Having opened in 1988 and still playing today as the longest-running show in Chicago history, Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind is an ensemble experiment in presenting "30 Plays in 60 Minutes." Each two-minute play is performed in random order with an interactive audience. An onstage 60-minute timer keeps everyone honest. Go!

Players: Bradford Bingham, Christy Carlson, Matt Carlson, Taylor Ketelaar, Eric Redmon, Briana Reidy, Jordin Richards, Noah Smith and Cara Tumino
Directors: Kevin Bukauski, Mike Frale and Kate O'Neil
Stage Manager/Projection Operator: Natalia Bednarczyk
Assistant Stage Manager: Taylore Cephas
Projection Designer/Technical Director: Andrew Nelsen
Scenic Designer: Kevin Bukauski
Properties/Costume Designer: Jen Glynn
Lighting Designer: Jessie Richey
Sound Designer: Lauren Finnegan
Stage Combat Coordinator: Matt Carlson
Producer: Jo Slowik
Photographer: Andrew Nelsen

Too Much Light: Portfolio
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